What to Ask and Consider While Hiring a Dui Attorney in Rockville Md

While Hiring a Dui AttorneyIn Rockville MD, drunk driving is known as driving under the influence (DUI). DUI cases move rapidly, and one has limited time to acquire an attorney. It is imperative therefore to be prepared to know what to ask and consider in hiring a DUI attorney.

Finding the right lawyer requires you to get suggestions and interview the attorneys. A quick question to ask the referee is whether the lawyer did a good job for them. What was their experience? Did they get what they wanted? Would they recruit their services again? These questions help gauge the usefulness of the lawyer in your particular case.

Alternatively, go to websites like attorneys.com and connect with a DUI lawyer. Contact the attorney and ask to meet them. Be prepared to let them know the details of your case. Ask them the possible consequences of DUI. They may include revocation of driver’s license, jail term, and fines. Be sure to find out all possibilities from the lawyer.

Consider hiring an experienced attorney who has had many similar clients. A specialized DUI attorney in Rockville Md has more experienced in the field than other types of lawyers. Find out the background of the attorney while discussing the legal options. How long have they been in service? What number of DUI clients do they represent monthly or annually? How much time have they dedicated to representing DUI cases?

Ask questions that will help in the success of your case. You may ask the attorney if they have represented clients in the courthouse which will handle your case. Hiring an attorney who knows a few people in the courthouse is a good thing. Attorneys who know the prosecutors are even better in handling the case.

Be focused in finding the best attorney in a short time. Don’t spend too much time asking unnecessary questions. The legal options must be inquired. Remember that you can choose to plead guilty, plead not guilty, and negotiate for a lesser charge. Ask the attorney what will happen if you plead guilty. Inquire also about the other options in details.


Find out the strategic plan that the attorney has in your case. Do not settle for general possibilities. Cases are strategy specific. Let the attorney elaborate on the feasible way to handle the case. Ask questions where you do not understand.


Some lawyers may charge a flat fee for the case. Others adopt an hourly billing method. Do not choose a lawyer before you are sure about their legal fees and payment options. Be wise to ask about any other expenses so that you prepare adequately. The lawyer should give a rough estimate of the total cost of the case.

Trust and Confidentiality

Do you think that you can trust the lawyer? Can they be confidential about your cases? These are some of the questions that can help you make a long-term partnership with the attorney. Ensure that you hire someone who is patient and willing to listen to you. You need to be comfortable with your attorney. You can get many answers to your concerns from one meeting with the lawyer.